Top 6 Things We Do That Dogs Hate

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Dogs are man’s best friend. However, we can often be just as difficult as they are sometimes. In this guide, we will discuss some of the many things we as humans do that make our dogs despise us.

Here are the top 6 things we do that dogs hate.

Using too many words

As vocal species, we are often known to talk way more than we actually should. However, our pets are often left not understanding what we even said. Dogs may be able to decipher what we are saying but they don’t always understand the human language. Instead, they rely on what we mean by their body language.  We should rely on using our bodies to describe what we mean to prevent sending mixed signals.

Becoming Overbearing

While you might enjoy cuddling with your dog, most dogs hate hugs. It is normal for humans to express our love through dugs. However, dogs do not enjoy the action. Rather, they show their affection by placing their paw on the back another dog. Even if you have positive intentions with hugging your dog, they may view your action as a way of showing your dominance. As most dogs might tolerate it, others will become fearful or threatened by the constant display.

Petting Their Face

Would you enjoy being patted on the head? Don’t think so. The same also goes to dogs. Even if you mean it as a loving way to show your affection, it can be painful and annoying for your pet. However, most humans don’t often pick this action up as negative. It is important to show your children to be careful with their pets and be gentle when trying to show affection.

Looking Straight In the Eye

Every dog owner knows how powerful eye contact can be. It is a sign of focus of trust. However, it can be uncomfortable and unnerving for strange dogs. We must learn how to read their facial cues and determine their emotions swiftly before they feel threatened. If you want to say hello to a new dog, you can approach them with a slight angle and speak gently.

Lack of Rules

Dogs thrive on rules. While you might assume that rules are boring and unnecessary. That is quite the opposite for pets. This is easily compared to children. Consider how well children thrive when they understand the rules and what happens when they don’t follow them. This will make all the difference in your dog’s behavior towards the family and even strangers.

Force of Interaction

It is important to understand the difference between positive encourages with shy dogs versus forced action. You can take small steps to encourage them to go outside the comfort zone and reward them with happy, social behavior.

Do you find yourself doing any of these things on a daily basis? How does your dog deal with is? Comment below and share your stories with us!