"Home of Multiple Brindle Champions"

CH Nightstalker R.E.O
Speedwagon CGC - "Titan"
(Photo by Phoebus at 17 months)
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Darkside Mastiffs!

CH Iron Hills Color My
Wagon CGC - "Cheyenne"
(Photo by Phoebus at 15 months)

CH Nightstalker Dirty Harry
(Photo at 18 months)
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CH Darksides Reflections of War
(Photo at 20 mos.
& CH at 10 months)

CH Darksides Thunder Wagon
"Big Sexy"
(Photo at 14 months)

Our mastiffs come from some of the top dogs in the U.S. These include National Specialty winners, Best in Show and #1 mastiffs. Some of the sires/dams and grandsires/granddams which are on both sides of our pedigrees are: CH Iron Hills Warwagon, CH Iron Hills Into the Night, CH Old Schools Primo Remo Major, CH Sillars KO Tyson, CH Iron Hills Portfolio, CH Iron Hills Earned Interest, CH Nightstalker KD Brandybuck, CH Lionsire Indigo of Pax River, CH Iron Hills Once Upon A Wagon, CH Iron Hills Paint Your Wagon and many other MCOA Hall of Fame mastiffs. Home of CH Iron Hills Color My Wagon, Best of Opposite Sex at Bucks County, 1996 (under English Breeder Judge Miss Atkinson) and 1997 (under English Breeder Judge Mrs. Betty Baxter).

A special thank you to
Iron Hills, Nightstalker & Old Schools Mastiffs
for making all this possible.

Brindles are our specialty ... but we do have fawns too!

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Owners/Breeders Andy Filu & Lisa Edwards-Filu
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